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Who knows your business better than you?

No one!

Tif & Gif Creative LLC is a Web and Graphic Design firm, not a bunch of know-it-alls. You tell us what you want, and we'll give you what you need... the best return on investment you can get!

"Hmmm. Sounds good" you say. "But how does that work?"

Well, here's what we do...

1) Listen
2) Research
3) Create
4) Listen Again
5) Execute

It's that simple! (well not really, but you get the gist of it).

"Super. Can you show me what you've done for other clients?"

You betcha! Just mosey (or click) over to our client page... >>


Whether you're launching a new web site for your small or corporate bushiness or freshening up an existing one, certain features are must-haves.

You might be able to do without expensive e-commerce and multi-media features, but your web site should make real-world business sense.

It should absolutely compel visitors to return. Don't do this with gimmicks. Do it with basic marketing principles.

Know your target market. Know what you want to accomplish when visitors come to your site; and set goals for your site's performance. Can a tip for journalism 101 and address these basics with the five "W's".

Who: The ubiquitous "About Us" page is a necessity. Explain concisely what you're about: "We are the world's leading manufacturer of fine dental floss." It's also the logical and ideal place for listing phone, address, email and other contact information.

What: On every page stress benefits. Answer the customer's question, "What's in this for me?" You'll attract new clientele and hang on to loyal repeat business.

Where: There are two "where's" to consider.
  1. Contact information should be accessible from every web page. If you want to drive web visitors to your physical location, add maps!
  2. Where ever visitors go on your web site , don't let them get lost. Navigating pages must be a snap. Have a navigation bar with all top-level pages listed. Augment it with relevant links that take visitors to logically related pages within the site. Make sure visitors are always only one click from your homepage.

When: Your web site is a 24/7, worldwide doorway, but your bricks and mortar business probably isn't. If your site promotes your offline operation, make your offline hours clear. Also explain how quickly visitors can expect a response when sending e-mail queries, and what hours they may telephone. Don't wait so long to respond that they've forgotten what they said.

Why: With a web full of competitors, you must make it clear why you best meet customers' desires. Fickle buyers are one click from leaving forever.

The real world business concept to apply here is what marketers call your unique selling proposition, which goes hand in hand with your answer to "What's in it for me?"

The combination may look something like this: "you want widgets? We make the world's most reliable widgets, and we're the only company to deliver them exactly where and when you need them."

In addition to must-have features, you can improve your web site by using these should have features:
  • Auto-responders. They instantly generate an automatic response such as, "Thank you for your inquiry. We'll contact you within 24 hours."
  • An opt-in list. Give visitors an opportunity to sign your "guestbook" so you can capture their names.
  • Update notifications. Let visitors know that when you updated the site, you'll notify them by email--it they leave their email address behind.
  • Publicity Page. Important businesses make news. Make your own news by creating press releases that tout your accomplishments. Publish them on your "We make news" page. Be sure to also include links to any published new stories written about your micro-business.

For further information, just drop us a line.
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