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chris minney and melonie walter
Melonie & Chris

Tif & Gif Creative LLC is owned by husband and wife duo, Chris Minney and Melonie Walter. They have combined experience of over 25 years working in graphic design, new media and print design sectors.

Their aesthetic could be described as Postmodern Retro and they find inspiration in the past, present and future. When not designing for clients they can be found in their studio/barn listening to their large vinyl collection, painting, pulling prints and any other creative endeavor that might catch their fancy.

Melonie studied at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and Chris sharpened his chops at the University of Colorado.

Melonie and Chris also own and operate Friday Harbor Blueprint, specializing in large format reproduction.

Tif & Gif Creative LLC believes in the importance of supporting your local business and non-profit community. That's why Chris served on board of the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau for several years and is currently the President of the Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Melonie has served on the Board of The Westcott Bay Institute as well as a term as President of San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce. Both Melonie and Chris are also co-founders of the Madrona Institute, a non-profit organization addressing self-reliance issues such as food, energy, water, climate change, and associated conflicts local to global.

Along with support, we also try to educate. We've sponsored several interns over the years and are always looking out for the right individual that is interested in creativity and design— to help them develop and hone their skills and talents in the ancient art of graphic design.

Myfanwy & Hannah

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tif tagged image file format; A common graphics file format used for still images or bitmaps; print design.

gif graphics interchange format; file compression format for images. Synonym for online images or photographs.

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