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Nov 24 2013

Print Gallery

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Nov 21 2013

Graphic Design, Layout & Publishing

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Our first love! Where do we start? Well, we can help you and your business with a small postcard mailer or help you publish your first novel and everything in-between.

Nov 21 2013

Interior & Environment

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We can consult, plan, design and execute your interior trade show booth or your environmental wayfinding signage. We’ve worked with towns, restaurants, museums, retail spaces, and trade show environments. From space planning and color consulting to wayfinding, artwork, merchandising, fixtures and furniture, we can get the job done.

Nov 21 2013

Web Design

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Our philosophy on web design is that the internet, while very useful, can be ugly and hard to use and we like to help people change that while assisting them in launching a web presence or modify an existing one. We use open-source and custom technologies, apply web standards, and a focus on usability and accessibility to design or redesign your site in a way that will be better both now and in the future for you and everyone who visits it.

Some things we can do for you:

We can design the first site for your business.
We can even do it in a way that allows you to edit your own content. And you won’t have to learn any of those acronyms. Really. It will be like editing a term paper. In English.

We can redesign your old site.
All of the above applies here too.

We can convert your old static site to a dynamic one.
Same looks but now you can do updates on your own.

We can design a blog for you.
You know you want to blog about it.

Nov 21 2013

Advertising & Marketing

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Good design is what we know and what comes with good design is good marketing and advertising.

We have performed a variety of marketing and advertising campaigns for numerous young, small and medium sized companies.

Developing Core Brand Values/Message Strategy
Distilling the essence of a brand is tricky stuff, we know our way around a message strategy and can help you implement, follow, and reap the rewards of following one.

Magazine, Newspaper, and Online Advertising
Everything from realizing the full potential of an existing campaign to outlining and executing a mind-blowing new concept….yeah, mind blowing.

Online Marketing Tools
Mailing Lists, HTML emails, banner ads, all spam-free.

Event Materials and Vender Booth Design
From foam core posters, modular, banners and more!

Nov 21 2013


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Identity creation and development is some of the hardest and most fun work we do.

Nov 21 2013

Brand Strategy

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A Brand is not a single item, like a logo, or letterhead, a Brand is a cohesive company experience. A Brand is a collaboration of fonts, colors, logos, advertising, products or services, customer service, management and employees. From the employees to the customers, a brand is, at its best, a distinct, cohesive, with a strong, resonant voice.

Here at Tif & Gif, we are primarily a design firm but we routinely find ourselves in a position to offer valuable strategy and direction for clients of all varieties. From message strategy and positioning for start-ups and mom and pops, to audits, protocol, and implementation for established corporations, Tif & Gif  has the ideas and experience to foster long term brand strategy.